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The current law in Minnesota:
Requires you to take a course from instructors certified by state approved organizations. Your permit is good for 5 years. To renew your permit you are required to take another course and apply once again to the Sheriff in the county you live in (non-residents of MN can apply to any Sheriff). But there is legislation that has been introduced in both our House and Senate at the state capital to change that.

What is Constitutional Carry? (Proposed HF 188) – Author Tony Cornish et. al.

Constitutional carry is the recognition that the 2nd Amendment IS your carry permit. Most states that embrace Constitutional carry do mandate a minimum age (typically 21 but there are some set at 18 yrs. old). But other than that, if you can legally own a firearm (i.e. you are not a felon, drug addicted etc.) then you can carry your firearm without any papers such as a carry permit.

It is normal however for a state that has Constitutional Carry also to provide permits for those who seek them so that they can carry in other states that would honor a permit from their home state. While not needed when in their home state, states other than their own most likely will require a permit for that citizen to carry while within their borders.

HF 188 is the bill that makes permits optional. No state mandated training is required for Constitutional carry but is required for the optional MN carry permit. And the permit as it is now is good for five years and must be renewed by taking another class and applying to the Sheriff for renewal of a permit to carry.

What is a lifetime permit? (Proposed HF 469) Authors: Tony Cornish, Howe, Johnson B.
A lifetime permit is just that. You get your permit for life and that would also enable you to carry in other states that honor your permit.

In MN there are currently two bills in the state legislature. One to make permits optional (Constitutional Carry) and the other for lifetime permits. My preference is lifetime permits. It still means the person must meet a minimum training standard for the issuance of a permit but recognizes that to carry for self-protection is more of a right than a privilege.

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Click here to download the proposed firearm laws discussed above.



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